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Parent Coaching

Support for parents to set your child up for success at home, school, and beyond.

What Is Parent Coaching?

The goal of parent coaching or training is to empower parents with the knowledge and skills to be their child's primary advocate long-term. Parent coaching often involves sessions without your child, designed to teach you the techniques to set your child up for success and better manage problem behaviors when they arise. Parent coaching is a component of many treatment plans for childhood mental health disorders and behavior problems. Meg wants you to take your skills out of the treatment office and be able to provide your child with "a dose of therapy" everywhere you go.


Evidence-based interventions include:​

  • Parent Management Training (PMT) is an evidence-based program designed to help parents manage and reduce problem behaviors in children and teens, including aggression, defiance, and oppositional behaviors. ​

  • The SPACE (Supporting Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions) program utilizes parent-based training to improve responses to child anxiety symptoms and reduce interfering and problematic patterns of behavior.​

  • Behavioral Parent Training (BPT) teaches parents important techniques to increase positive behaviors in children and teens. 

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