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A Girl in a Classroom

School Consultation

Collaboration with teachers and school-based staff to enhance classroom-wide strategies and develop individualized behavior plans for students.

Individualized Services for Families

If your child is experiencing behavioral challenges in the school or remote learning environment, these difficulties are likely impairing your child's ability to learn and may even be impacting their ability to remain in their current school placement. Through consultation with your child's teachers, Meg can assist with developing an individualized behavioral support plan for your child. If your child has specific mental health needs that are unfamiliar to school staff (i.e. Selective Mutism), she can also provide training and ongoing consultation to ensure they receive the school-based accommodations they need to succeed. 

Services for Schools

Meg is available to contract directly with general and special education schools to provide training and coaching to teachers. Meg has experience providing Teacher Child Interaction Training (TCIT), which includes live, bug-in-ear coaching to support teachers in implementing classroom-wide behavior management strategies with confidence and consistency. Meg is also available to provide more traditional professional development trainings and workshops for parents, teachers, and staff in your school community.

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